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The Original Trinity™ Vodka. Great for Bloody Marys or Cooking.
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100 Natural Ingrients
Trinity Culture Statement

How We Do It

We start off using our Award Winning Handcrafted Vodka. We then purchase and use the freshest bell peppers, celery and sweet onions.

They are cleaned and cut by hand and put into our infusion bags.


The infusion bags full of the vegetables are then put into one of our mixing tanks where we leave the infusions bags full of fresh vegetables for days. This extracts all the natural flavors of each vegetable until we obtain the perfect mixture of flavor. 




Bloody Mary "Louisiana Recipe"

2 Ounces of The Original Trinity™ Vodka

2 Ounces of Your Favorite Bloody Mary Mix

1 Ounce of Pineapple Juice

1/2 Ounce of Pickle Brine

1/4 Ounce Lemon Juice

1/4 Ounce Lime Juice

Dash of Hot Sauce

Dash of Worcestershire Sauce

Dash of Celery Salt

Garnish With Celery, Slice of Lime and Slice of Lemon

Top it Off With Cajun Spicy Beans


Great For Flavoring Your Favorite Dish

Adding The Original Trinity™ Vodka to your favorite sauces or dish produces tasty results, but sometimes we’re in the mood for something smokier and even more savory.


When that craving hits, try using The Original Trinity™ Vodka in your marinade for your steak, chicken, fish, and so much more. The acidity of vodka will help the meat soak up the flavors of your marinade, leaving your favorite dishes even more mouth-watering.



NOLA Distillery

Home of The Original Trinity™ Vodka

3715 Tchoupitoulas St.

New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

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